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Testing Out The New Tech


When I heard the thunder in the distance tonight, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to test our new binaural microphone rig.  What follows is an audio clip of the storm approaching and hitting.  It gets a bit noisy towards the end as the wind really kicked up and I haven't properly shielded the mics yet.  So, grab your headphones and give it a listen.  It'll sound like you're standing out in the rain with me like a couple of idiots.

Proper binaural microphones can reproduce audio in a fully immersive "3D" stereo field by reproducing the audio delays that naturally occur from sound traveling from one ear to the other as well as the distortion caused by traveling around the head.  This is an over-simplified explanation, but what it means is that you can judge where the sounds are coming from as if you were hearing them live.   The effect only works if you're listening with headphones.  Enjoy!

- Chris

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