Some FAQs

In an effort to keep ahead of the curve, we've decided to put up this little page to answer some of the burning questions our antics are bound to bring about.  If your question isn't answered here, please send it to us and we'll answer it.

Why the name Achieving Reality:  The Podcast!?
 - The name is a nod to our first collaboration with Tina Goodwin and AR Products.  We shot an infomercial for Tina in 2011 for her self-help system, Achieving Reality.  The name also reflects the philosophy of the podcast.  You, the listener, are joining us for a chat.  We are not putting on aires for you.  This is truly what it's like to spend the afternoon with us which is why we chose to record it in binaural stereo - so it sounds like you're in the room with us.  Also, we think that one's reality can be simply a matter of perception.  If you conduct yourself in the manner of a successful whatever, you'll be a lot closer to becoming the successful whatever you want to be.  And, if enough people perceive you the way you do, you'll have made it.
Who or what is The Listener?
 - The Listener is our binaural recording rig.  It stands in for you, the listener, at our recording sessions.  It's placement at table determines how you hear the podcast.  Normally, The Listener sits at the head of the table with Larry to his left and Chris to his right.  When we move around the room, you'll be able to hear us moving around you.  We think it adds another dimension to the podcast.  Only you can tell us if we're right.
What is binaural recording?
 - Binaural recording is a process by which we are able to reproduce the recorded audio in the exact same way you would hear it if you were in the room with us.  A dummy head is set up with microphones placed exactly where the ears are.  The dummy's ears channel the sound into the microphones the same way your ears channel sound into your ear canals.  The result is a surprisingly realistic audio experience.  The microphone placement allows us to capture the subtle audio cues that your brain uses to determine the location of a particular sound.  It's the audio equivalent of what 3D is for movies.
Who is Harvey?
 - Harvey is our audio engineer.  It is his responsibility to manage our recording gear, check recording levels and do the post-production work on our podcast.  We're not entirely sure where Tina found him, as he doesn't talk much.  But, despite his obvious disdain for Larry and Chris, he does a great job for us and we're often glad to have him aboard.
Who does your background music?
 - Our background music is produced through the miracle device known as The MADPlayer.  Unfortunately, the company that produced this little marvel has gone away, but the device remains.  It is a generative music device that produces songs from a massive library of stored instruments and algorithms.  No two tunes will be the same.  One can literally generate hours of music in a single sitting.  We have the added benefit of being able to export the individual tracks of the songs separately so that Harvey can tweak and remix them, offering us a great deal of flexibility.
Who are the Pop Culture Architects?
 - Pop Culture Architects is the name of our production company.  Years ago, Chris formed a team for the 48 Hour Film Project along with his friend Austin (otherwise known as Bam) to enter into the festival.  The name stuck and has become a loose association of artists who donate their talents to help one another accomplish their various projects.  It is, in some ways, like an artists' commune, except we don't all live together and very few of us smell of patchouli.  You can find some of our work on our YouTube Channel.