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Episode 020 - Chorducken

September 28th, 2013

Larry and Chris are back at the table and discussing new products, pie-fights, John Denver and chicken alternatives.  We've got some new music in the background and a few surprises for you.  It's fun for all.  Grab your headphones for a binaural experience.  Enjoy!

Episode 019 - My Dinner With Andre On The Hindenburg

September 21st, 2013

Larry and Chris spend an evening dog-sitting and talking about comics, the virtues of eating potato chips during a record and, of course Batman/Batfleck.  The Listener is in attendance this time.  So, grab your headphones.  Excuse the noise in the background, dogs don't understand the need for a quiet recording environment.  Enjoy!

Episode 018 - Doctor Franken-Larry!

September 13th, 2013

This week we give you our long awaited clip show!  Except, unlike other shows that just rehash old material, we bring you unheard clips from our previous shows.  It's like a brand new show, but it ain't!  We're releasing this one an hour early to celebrate Friday the 13th and the weddings of our friends, Jayson and April.  Congrats!  Oh, and Enjoy!

Episode 017 - They Don’t Know We’re Famous

September 7th, 2013

Larry and Chris return from their trip to Athens, GA, richer for the experience and poorer for having shopped at Wuxtry.  This one's a real randomizer with no one topic being kept to for any good length of time.  Chuckles a-plenty.  This is another Road Trip Episode so there is a bit of noise, but Harvey's getting pretty good at cleaning these things up.  So, sit back and listen.  Or, if you're really ambitious, drive out to Athens, turn around and follow along.  Either way, Enjoy!


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