Episode 208 - Larry And Chris Have A Film Festival

May 5th, 2017

Larry and Chris (and Marisa) recap the first Underground Film Market and Trade Show held at Naughty Soda.  They also try some imported Kit Kats.  Enjoy!


Episode 186 - Meet Stacey

December 2nd, 2016

On this special episode, Larry and Chris (and Marisa) welcome a special guest, filmmaker Stacey Palmer.  They discuss Stacey's recent decision to publicly announce her transition from being Jayson Palmer.  They talk about the various issues confronting transgender people both inside and outside the film industry and the struggles one faces being transgender.  Keep your mind open and Enjoy! 

On a separate note . . .


 We don't often pull back the curtain on the show, but I'd like to pay tribute to a friend who passed during the making of this Episode.  My dog Socks passed away Tuesday night.  She has been my constant companion ever since we rescued her six years ago.  She sat in my lap for the editing of each and every episode.  She did so for the beginning of this one.  I started the edit with her by my side and finished it with her ashes upon my desk.  I've been very upset by the loss, but pushed through the emotion that came with trying to edit alone to bring you this episode because it's important.  There is a message within it that needs to be heard.  If you agree, share it and spread the word.  I'd appreciate it.  Socks, not so much, she wasn't in it for art or sending a message.  She just wanted to hang with me.  I'll miss her terribly.  Her urn has taken permanent residence on my editing station.  We'll bring you another episode next week.  Thanks.




Episode 179 - Hell On Wheels

October 14th, 2016

Larry and Chris (and Marisa) continue their talk with Filmmaker Chris Ethridge.  Larry fills us in on the Hell on Wheels event and then tries some Diablo sauce.  Enjoy!


Episode 178 - Horror Packed

October 7th, 2016

Larry and Chris (and Marisa) welcome Attack of the Morningside Monster director and co-founder of HorrorPack subscription service, Chris Ethridge!  They discuss all things HorrorPack and get the details about keeping the horror fans happy.  Also, the gang tries Jiffy Pop and Larry takes a Stupid Quiz.  Enjoy!


Episode 173 - The Kind Of Clipshow

September 2nd, 2016

Larry and Chris present some moments not included in our Episodes with Jim Adams and Albert Roberts.  They talk about comics, funerals, and other randomness.  Enjoy!


Episode 170 - The Kind Of Men Part Three

August 12th, 2016

Larry and Chris (and Marisa) talk three on one to Monster Attack's Jim Adams.  They talk classic and not so classic movies as well as comics and some other fun stuff.  Enjoy!


Episode 169 - The Kind Of Men Part Two

August 5th, 2016

Larry and Chris (and Marisa) continue to host their guests, Jim Adams of Monster Attack podcast and Albert Roberts, of SITREP Productions.  This time they talk about the experience of making Pop Culture Architects new movie, The Kind of Man.  

Click the title above to watch the movie and Enjoy!

Episode 168 - The Kind Of Men - Part One

July 29th, 2016

Larry and Chris (and Marisa) welcome guests and fellow Architects Jim Adams, of Monster Attack podcast and Albert Roberts, artist, filmmaker and driving force behind the movie Test Group.  The gang discusses the wealth of trailers that came out of San Diego ComiCon and other tangents.

If you enjoy classic monster movies, sci-fi or horror, do yourself a favor and tune in to Jim's podcast, Monster Attack by clicking here or subscribing on iTunes.  Jim will be doing a live recording of his Monster Attack podcast at the Something Wicked Film Festival (click) running August 12th through the 14th.

You can check out Albert's movie Test Group, see the press materials and watch the whole movie for free by visiting the website.  Just click here.  While you're at it, check out his production company, SITREP Productions, Veterans in Film (click) and his artwork at The Art of ARob (click).  And be sure to visit the Marietta International Film Festival (click) to see his entry, Paul, A Barber's Wisdom.  It is screening as part of the 24 Hour Film Race Screening of Southeast U.S. Films.

Here's Jim and Larry taking a look at Pop Culture Architects' new movie, The Kind Of Man.  This will be available to view on YouTube in the very near future.


And, in other news, this happened.


Tune in next week for more with our guests and Enjoy!

Episode 129 - Shove It Up Your Mouse: The 48 Hour Wrap-up

October 30th, 2015

Larry and Chris discuss their weekend taking part in the 2015 Atlanta 48 Hour Horror Film Project and the making of their new movie, The New Guy.  Once you've finished listening to the Episode, check out the movie itself on our YouTube Channel by clicking here.  

We're proud of our cast and crew and are pleased to be able to share their work with you.  Enjoy!

The Damnation Bureau - Theatrical Cut

July 21st, 2015

Our movie, The Damnation Bureau is now live on YouTube!  This is our entry in the 2015 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project.  Click Here and Enjoy!